Cyber Threat Intelligence

Credit Card Intelligence

We are collecting credit card data and we provide instant information in case of risk.


Phishing and Cybersquatting

We scan your organization's domain names and follow if it is imitated. We regularly search for content on similar sites on behalf of your organization's website and determine if it is included in any punctuation campaign.

Botnet and C&C

In order to protect your company's systems, the confidentiality of your customer domain's identity information is checked. We prepare alert action plans for infiltrated personnel when the collected identification data is reported instantaneously or retrospectively.

Branded Malware

We are investigating whether the private documents you have sent to us have already been leaked on any platform. We detect malicious software samples that threaten the company and send action plans when necessary.


Rogue Mobile Application

We are immediately sensing the precautions to protect your reputation by identifying mobile applications that mimic your organization or mobile application.


When we determine a new wave of attack on the global scale towards the sector, we provide instantaneous information and inform you of the necessary actions.

Brand Abuse

We constantly monitor the social media and instantly report content that has been 

Data Infiltration

We regularly report the contents of the documents you specify to your company on both P2P internet sites, reports and Web 2.0 platforms both instantly and in the past.

Local Media Tracking

We instantly monitor your company's local media footage and instantly report content that can have a bad reputation.

Dark Web & Deep Web Tracking

We report the content and data leak for the company on Dark Web and report to you precautions.

Cyber Threat Intelligence