About Us


Secpoint, provides services to avoid cyber attacks where will harm your corporate identity with its team, whose are experts in their field and researching current technology in security measures. Moreover, Secpoint ensures professional solutions for security system, which is one of the significant necessity of digital ecosystem, and it has a decisive for role to the future of customers in the digital world.

With the globalization process, differentiation for the security threatens has been caused of inadequacy and insecurity. On account of that, As the number of cyber attacks and threatens has been increasing day by day, the number of corporations's working system, which is connected to the internet, has been increasing as well. As threatens are used for differentiation by the security methods, has to be changed and continuously improved. And this process reveal of notion “New Generation Security”.

The threating level depends on parameters such as attack vector and offensive capability. Therefore, a competent assailant can cause of maximum damage to organization by using his/her critical moves. Additionally, Secpoint avoids pre-attack beforehand with cyber-threat intelligence services while secures the corporate identity to safety.